“Dr. Mary is one of the very few people who I’m willing to admit is smarter than me”

– Toby


“Dr. Mary has helped me make friends and solve friendship problems. She helped me improve my organization and studying habits. Dr. Mary is REALLY nice and easy to talk to!”

– 14-year-old daughter


“Dr. Mary Baker Ericzen has been providing therapeutic support for the past several years to our 16 year old daughter who is diagnosed with Aspergers. We have seen her grow with self confidence, self awareness and a greater sense of her potential future. The social and emotional skills she has learned through this process have helped her to reduce her level of anxiety and depressive symptoms. Our daughter is happily exploring her college options and we as her parents are happy to continue to support her on her journey. We know that Dr. Mary’s knowledge and skills have been integral to our daughters success. We will always be grateful for her caring support and expertise.”

-Sandra and Dan


“Dr. Mary has helped us gain much deeper insight into how our daughter’s Aspergers brain works, the challenges she struggles with every day, and what each of us can do to help her acquire the skills she needs now and will need in the future to lead a happy, productive life. As a family of three – a now 14-year-old daughter, mom and dad – we have been seeing Dr. Mary weekly for about three and a half years. At times our daughter’s differences have perplexed and frustrated us as parents. Perhaps more significantly, they have caused our daughter pain through peers’ bullying and the consequences of her own poor judgement. We attribute much of the great progress our daughter has made to the work we’ve done with Dr. Mary. Perspective taking, connecting thoughts, feelings and actions, developing organizational and social skills are just a few of the many areas in which we’re noticing improvement. Dr. Mary has helped us understand what’s going on – or sometimes not going on – in our daughter’s brain. This understanding combined with practical strategies Dr. Mary suggests and demonstrates make us better parents. We have worried and still do worry about our daughter’s future – her ability to form and maintain true friendships, to eventually find a life partner and build a fulfilling career. But seeing the hard work we are doing starting to pay off gives us hope. Our daughter is doing better than ever in school, academically and socially. She is happier than she’s ever been, and even she is noticing this and remarking on it. Without Dr. Mary’s help our family would not be doing nearly as well as we are today. We feel extraordinarily fortunate to be in the care of such a skilled psychologist, and we highly recommend Dr. Mary to other families that include a child or teen with Aspergers.”

– Parents of 14-year-old daughter


“We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to your clinic in regards to the excellent care my daughter has been receiving . Melissa has a special gift and works so well with my daughter. We know we are heading to the right direction, and for that I am truly grateful.”

-Parent of 8 year old girl