General Support for ASD

Global & Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership (GRASP)

GRASP, the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization providing support, education, and programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

The Autism Spectrum Coalition

Autism Spectrum Coalition is a world wide 501-C-3 non profit organization providing information, networking, referrals and printed materials for families, challenged individuals and professionals concerned with the autism spectrum. Founded in 1984, MAAP Services, adheres to the basic principal that all individuals with autism spectrum challenges have the ability to learn, grow and enjoy a good quality of life.

ASPEN Support Groups – National and Worldwide

Find a support group in your state or country for those on the autism spectrum.

ASD Insurance Help

Online group designed to help California families get insurance coverage for their family members with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Autism Deserves Equal Coverage

Kristin Jacobson

1534 Plaza Lane #202, Burlingame (650) 260-5305

We advocate and work with providers, families, therapists, ABA agencies, Regional Centers and other organizations in securing insurance to cover medically necessary treatments for autism, including ABA, Speech, OT, PT, Social Skills, and Evaluations. We negotiate with health plans, insurance companies, and state and federal regulators to fund services for autism spectrum disorder.


Autism Internet Modules (AIM)

Free training modules available to parents and professionals that provide up-to-date information they need to help individuals with ASD achieve their highest potential. All module content has been written by ASD experts from across the U.S. In addition, each module has been designed to be consistent with research on how adults learn; information is presented at a universal reading level, and interactive activities both reinforce knowledge and teach learners how to make the latest research applicable to real life.


Autsim Speaks

The autism speaks website has extensive  resources on everything from job search to aging with autism.


California Bipolar Foundation

Non-profit agency that provides education, information and support including: downloadable, educational brochures, videos including Dr. Kay Jamison, Richard Dreyfuss & Kevin Hines, Forums & blogs, Research grant information & application, Support group information, Calendar of events and more.


Exceptional Family Resource Center
Learn more about methods to advocate for accommodations in secondary and postsecondary education and beyond.


HMO Help Center in California

1 (888) HMO-2219

Specially trained staff to help consumers, including those with autism spectrum disorders, to resolve their health care issues in a timely manner. The HMO Help Center can alert you have been denied the following treatments or are dissatisfied with your health plan’s resolution of a grievance: Applied Behavioral Analysis, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and/or specialty diagnostic testing, a referral to a specialist not available within the medical group. The Center will work to resolve disputes. If a health care service has been delayed, denied or modified by your health plan because it was deemed not medically necessary, experimental or investigational, you have the right to an independent medical review. The resulting determination is imposed on the health plan, which is required to comply with the decision of the reviewers within a specific timeframe.


Insurance Help for Autism

Provides information to California parents about insurance companies pay for therapies related to autism, including, but not limited to, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc.


UC Davis MIND Institute

Under “MIND Videos” you can pull a menu from their Distinguished Lecturer series from the past 5 years. Some videos are also available on iTunes U for download to a Macintosh or Windows computer, iPod, iPhone, or iPad. These lectures are from the world leaders in the autism community and are available for free.


The National Foundation for Autism Research
NFAR understands the impact autism has on children, families and their communities and dedicates its efforts to promoting the development of innovative treatment programs and options that improve the quality of life for children with autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. This site has many other resources, programs, services, up-coming special events, and the latest news and information on ASD developments.


United Healthcare

A grant that covers medical expenses not covered by private insurance.



E-news group maintained by Valerie Saraf, a San Diego parent of a son with autism. Valerie sends regular emails to subscribers which encompass a wide range of topics including ASD-related programs and events in addition to questions or comments posted by families and professionals.