Films About ASD

Including Samuel

Documentary film about including children with disabilities; free 12-minute trailer on the website.


Model Me Kids: Videos for Modeling Social Skills

A collection of videos and social skills training tools.


Normal People Scare Me: A Film About Autism

From a young film maker with autism.


Autism, the Musical

Documentary film about children with autism, their families and their promise.


SOULS: Beneath and Beyond Autism

Beautiful black and white photos and a message that there is more to individuals with autism than

first impressions might reveal.


Understanding Asperger Syndrome: A Professor’s Guide

12-minute video for use by college students to educate professors and teaching staff about the disorder. Free viewing.


5 Things You Should Never Say to a Child With Aspergers

Autism: A Quick Trip to My Home Planet

In an emotional TED talk, Monique speaks about the alienation and isolation experienced by individuals with autism and the stereotypes that plague the diagnosis.

Neurodiversity- the Key that Unlocked my World 

In her TED talk, Elisabeth communicates how it is to be autistic yet lead an independent and successful everyday life and the importance of neurodiversity.

The Me You Don’t See

A few years ago, after being incarcerated at 17, Tiffany was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which has given her a deeper understanding of herself.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Autism

In this TED talk, Justin Robbins shares his experiences with the autism community, and where the dominant narrative emerges when it comes to policy, social interaction, and identity politics.